All For One

By Leslie A. Young
[Editor's Note]

We’re honored to bring you a new issue of Massage & Bodywork magazine six times a year. This January/February 2015 version is rich with wisdom about longevity in the massage and bodywork profession, so I thought I’d share our own story of longevity with you.
Your M&B is the showcase of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals’s Communication Services Department. There are 10 of us here and—almost to a person—we came because we were excited to work on this magazine and make it a showcase. Together, we have more than 87 years of experience at ABMP, and six of us have been here more than 12 years each.
People ask if our longevity has contributed to complacency. On the contrary! The years of experience make it possible for us to innovate and turn on a dime when we need to. We’re busy keeping tabs on this vibrant profession, seeking fun innovations, listening to your suggestions, and learning fresh ways to deliver information that’s vital to your success.
Honestly, in the association publishing world, we’re in blessed space. We attend national conferences where other publishing professionals talk about fighting for resources. But ABMP values this magazine as a significant member benefit because you tell us over and over again how important it is to you and your practice’s success, and because ABMP has a legacy of doing what’s right to support practitioners. We’re conservative with our budget so we can keep your dues as low as possible, but we also want to deliver award-winning content and design in each and every issue. And, of course, we’re very proud of our rock star columnists.
Although M&B got us here, we have also had the opportunity to develop an array of member benefits—print and digital—for your success. On a daily basis, we test our skills as we juggle ABMP’s editorial, design, advertising, public relations, and industry relations functions. This kind of challenge, diversity, and opportunity to produce quality material keeps our team engaged and excited.
Of course, there are days when it’s w-o-r-k. On those occasions, I’m fortunate to partner with some wonderful experts who are dedicated, passionate, and fun.
Association communications is a diverse specialty. We serve the needs of members who practice more than 300 modalities in a variety of settings. It’s our mission to engage and empower as many as possible.
Sound familiar as you endeavor to serve your many clients day after week after year? I’ll wager sometimes it’s tough for you to keep your chin up, but your clients, peers, and passion for the profession fuel you. We hope this issue on longevity inspires you as you’ve inspired us—year after year.
Leslie A. Young, Editor-in-Chief