What is Your Number One Fear?

['Round the Table]

That I will blow out my shoulders and/or thumbs. As much as I try to use the right body mechanics, I still sometimes hurt myself. I want to do this for the long term.

Cynthia Lewis

Corte Madera, California


My biggest fear as a massage therapist is that I will not be able to do what I love due to legislation. My license is valid only in Texas, so moving out of state would require me to go back to school, which I cannot afford to do. I love what I do, and it seems unfair that just crossing state lines somehow negates my ability to help people.

Nicole Quinn

San Antonio, Texas


Not being able to earn a living doing massage.

Linda Morris

Buxton, Maine


My biggest fear as a massage therapist is working alone in my office. As the owner of a private practice, I am usually there by myself. When taking on new clients, I do a thorough phone screening to ensure they understand the professionalism of my services, but there are still evenings when I get a little creeped out being alone with a new client.

Jena Rowland

Jacksonville, North Carolina


My number one fear is being sued by clients for harming them in some way associated with a massage and finding out they had a condition they had not disclosed. 

Trish Parr

Pekin, Illinois


My greatest fear is to have a female not feel comfortable in my shop and to be seen differently than a female therapist. I oververbalize my boundaries and have a no-clothes-off policy on my clients’ first visits to help the situation. Still, I am always on my toes.

Jason January

Huntsville, Texas


Thinking that I don’t know where I am going next while touching someone. I fear I have sent a message through my hands at that moment and they can tell that I have a doubt. Once I realize that I am going somewhere, the fear goes down, but I always face this in the middle of a massage somewhere.

Ginger Thimlar

Mooresville, Indiana


That I won’t be effective.

Meghan Donahue

St. Petersburg, Florida

That my body will give out, despite my self-care, before my desire to help others through the art of touch does.

Jessica Craig

Baytown, Texas


My number one fear as a massage therapist is being falsely accused of molestation. I keep my practice very clean and open. I have been in practice for 20 years and have never had a suit or false accusation against me.

Merle Plotkin

Upper Holland, Pennsylvania


Being in business for 20 years as a massage therapist and being sued by a client would be one of my biggest fears. But that mentality is unhealthy to dwell on. Keep doing good work and hope that honest people do exist.

JP Berger

Billings, Montana


My biggest fear is that when giving a massage to a client that the client will have a stroke or a heart attack.

James Scott

Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania


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