EveryBody Deserves a Massage Week

By Editorial Staff

ABMP’s annual EveryBody Deserves a Massage Week (EBDMW) was another huge success this year, with therapists around the country educating the public about the benefits of massage, collecting donations on behalf of their favorite charities, and giving the gift of touch. Here are some of their stories.

Filled With Gratitude
“I had one of those career highs when I gave the volunteers chair massage at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley (Boulder, Colorado), for EveryBody Deserves a Massage Week.

“The experience filled me with so much love and gratitude! It was definitely one of my career highlights and one of the reasons I chose to become a massage therapist.” —Nina Dropcho (above right), Balanced Boulder Massage & Cupping, Boulder, CO

Providing an Oasis
“Despite being under a heat advisory, we had a good turnout for EBDMW; every slot was filled and we could have done more if we had more help. At the end of the massage, we gave each person a chilled paper towel that had been saturated with peppermint-infused water. We offered a mini-oasis on a blistering day.”
—Beth Fisher, Fireflies Massage Seminars,?Towanda, PA

A New Experience
“This was my first summer as a massage therapist, and I was excited to participate. My parish, St. Peter Church, participates in the Macomb County Rotating Emergency Shelter Team program. Its mission is ‘to provide homeless and displaced individuals the opportunity for successful transition to independence.’ I secured permission and arrived with my chair, massage music, lavender oil in a diffuser, and my favorite lotion. By the end of the evening, I had provided 11 men and women 10-minute chair massages. More importantly, I provided them with the gift of touch—a touch filled with the intention of peace and healing. The energy surrounding that space was filled with joy and thankfulness … truly a blessed experience!”
—Zsuzsanna Pozar, Chesterfield, MI

Sharing a Gift
“We decided there was no better way to embrace the spirit of EBDMW than by visiting local charities and service organizations, and gifting massage to the unsung heroes of our community while promoting massage and bodywork education.

“What an incredible week! In all, we visited seven organizations and made meaningful contacts at every stop. There were remarkable experiences at each, and most notable were our visits to the Gettysburg Lutheran Retirement Village (see the article at www.eveningsun.com/news/ci_23672357/deserving-locals-receive-free-massages) and the Adams County SPCA, where the resident canines got into the action and staff was kind enough to put together a very touching video to document that experience (http://youtu.be/F4qsBc-P6mU).”

“We received so much positive feedback from our recipients. We heard from several that they felt as though they hit the lottery, but it was truly we that held the winning ticket, because there is nothing as rewarding as sharing this gift with others.”
—Nancy Depew, Breaktime Massage, Gettysburg, PA

Joslyn Eliza, of Rockrimmon Massage Therapy, chose the Springs Rescue Mission in Colorado Springs, Colorado, for her volunteer efforts. Her group massaged volunteers, staff, and several women in the Women's Crisis Center. “It was such a great week to give back,” Eliza says. “Thank you for organizing and coming up with this great week!”