I Helped SomeBody

New Video About You--For You

By Karrie Osborn

Passion and purpose.
They fill our hearts. They light our fire. They're what we long for in our lives.
When we find our passion and purpose, the result is a synergy of aspiration, determination, motivation—and joy.

Massage therapists and bodyworkers who love what they do have this synergy. They  share their gifts, knowing that what they do matters. At ABMP, we value your gifts and we created a new video just for you—
“I Helped SomeBody.”

This 1-minute “I Helped SomeBody” video tells a story about the benefits of bodywork and heralds your work in the process.
We believe the work you do is life-changing—for your client, and for you. Let’s share this message.
The “I Helped SomeBody” video can help you market your practice in a new and exciting way. Post it on your website, include it in eblasts you send to your clients and prospects, use it to talk about your work on Facebook, and share it, share it, share it!

Find the "I Helped SomeBody" video at www.abmp.com/IHelpedSomebody.

ABMP Education Facilitator and practicing massage therapist Kristin Coverly encourages others to watch the video and hear its message. “This video’s heartfelt message really speaks to me as a therapist and beautifully conveys why I love to do what I do!
“I encourage therapists to share this video by posting it on their websites and on social media. It does a beautiful job of communicating our passion for helping people through the power of touch, massage, and bodywork!”
Check out the video today, and pass it along. Passion can be contagious. Tag—you’re it!

Karrie Osborn is senior editor at ABMP.