When Friends Sue Friends

Anna's Story

By Editorial Staff

Have you ever heard a colleague say she isn’t renewing her professional liability insurance because she only works on friends these days? Unfortunately, that can be a career-ending mistake! It’s a great gift to be able to work on friends, but sometimes things can go awry.
Take the example of Anna, a seasoned practitioner who has been an ABMP member since 2001. After she provided massage to a close friend, the friend filed a claim against Anna, alleging a severe back injury that directly led to a herniated disc and an inability to work. A long, arduous lawsuit ensued, with the plaintiff demanding $375,000. More than five years after the initial claim was made, and shortly before the lawsuit was scheduled to go to trial, the claim was settled. Anna’s ABMP membership protected her to the tune of more than $200,000 in legal fees and settlement costs.
“I never thought I’d ever need to take advantage of the amazing coverage ABMP provides,” Anna told us. But situations and relationships change. Professional liability protects you from the unexpected, even if that means saving you from the unimaginable—a friend who sues you or is hurt by your work.
See more about Anna’s story at www.abmp.com/practitioners/ members_experience-liability_insurance_claim.php.