Turn Gift Certificate Clients into Regulars

By Karrie Osborn

It’s wonderful when clients buy massage gift certificates for their friends and family. It’s not only good business for you, but it’s a great way to introduce massage to a whole new group of prospective clients.
But how do you convert these one-time, gift-certificate clients into regulars? You know you’ll provide exceptional service, address their needs the best you can during the session, and help them to feel better than they did when they walked in your door. But your work shouldn’t stop there.
Remember, this group of clients may include a lot of massage newbies, who, after the session, might think how wonderful your service was and rave about your work … but won’t necessarily know it’s OK (and customary) to book another session on the spot.  
 Just as you wouldn’t assume a new client knows exactly what to do when you exit the room to let her disrobe before her massage, you can’t assume that a first-timer will equate that wonderful massage glow with the need to come back for more.

Help her answer these questions:
• Why do I need a massage? Read more about the benefits of frequent massage to make your case:
• How often do I need a massage? ABMP members can create customized Client Brochures on these topics, and many more. Log in and look under “Marketing Center” to print yours.

Now, ask if she would like to schedule her next appointment. Regardless of her answer, at the very least you’ve hopefully already secured her contact information (including mailing address and email) when you did your intake. With that information, you can check in with the client about how she’s feeling after the session, send her an invitation to join your Facebook page for monthly specials, or put her on your Body Sense mailing list.