Fresh from the Farm

By Noreen Young
[Skin Care]

People are seeking beauty with a health twist, not just a product in a pretty jar. They want to see and feel the beautiful benefits when they use a product and know that they’re putting the freshest of the fresh on their delicate skin.
A fresh approach to skin care is “in,” and my mantra is not all beauty needs to come from a jar. Farmers’ markets, organic farms, and health food stores are burgeoning in every city, and the freshest local fruit, vegetables, and herbs are waiting for you. Here are some simple ways to help your skin benefit from the bounty of the summer harvest.
Sweet-as-Honey Face Mask
Honey, a humectant and natural antiseptic,
softens skin in its own sweet way.

1 soup spoon of honey

Cleanse your face and then wrap it with a warm, damp towel or facecloth (leave room to breathe!). Lie down and relax for at least 3 minutes. Apply the honey with a spatula on your clean face and leave on at least 10 minutes. Remove the honey mask with a facecloth and warm water. Apply a light moisturizer to your face and neck. Add eye gel or an eye cream.
Sweet Sugar Scrub
¼ cup of sunflower oil
4 tablespoons of organic brown sugar

Mix the sugar and oil for a skin-softening exfoliating scrub. Massage this
mixture on your skin and leave on at least 5 minutes. This treatment scrub
can be used on the face, décolleté, hands, or feet. Remove with a warm facecloth.

Cucumber Eye Pad with a Lavender Summer Surprise
¼ fresh cucumber
1 drop of lavender essential oil

Slice the cucumber thinly, place in a small bowl of fresh spring water, and refrigerate for 10 minutes. Add a drop of lavender essential oil and let the bowl rest on the counter a few minutes while the essential oil infuses into the cucumber. Place slices on your eyes to reduce puffiness or to relieve itchy, allergy eyes.

3 Skin Care Considerations
“Before raiding the pantry for an at-home skin care recipe, remember that many ingredients in their natural state are neither safe nor effective for skin,” says Ellen Clark, a licensed esthetician and founder of Control Corrective Skincare Systems ( And even the safest ingredient may prompt an allergic reaction. Clark urges do-it-yourselfers to consider the following before formulating at home:

1. Perform a patch test. Before experimenting on your skin, you should ideally see an esthetician for a complete skin analysis and personalized recommendations for appropriate at-home skin care. At the very least, perform a patch test by putting a small amount of the product on your neck just behind your ear, and wait until you’re sure it has not caused any adverse reactions.
2. Natural isn’t always skin-friendly. Many ingredients must be formulated for skin and are not safe in their natural state. For example, if left on too long, natural acids found in citrus can cause burns and irritation.
3. Professional skin care is the best recipe. Adopt a professional regimen that is specifically formulated for your skin type.

Noreen Young is an internationally known makeup artist, author, speaker, and educator. She is the owner of NYC Makeup Studio in Jacksonville, Florida, and also markets her own line of beauty, makeup, and skin care products. Contact her at 904-739-2560 or visit