School Owners and Administrators

School Owners and AdministratorsThis section of ABMP's website is dedicated to providing resources for school owners and administrators.

> Join the ABMP School Network
All state-approved schools are part of ABMP's Massage School Alliance but many schools choose to upgrade to ABMP school membership to benefit from an array of additional resources and materials. Find out more about levels and benefits of school affiliation with ABMP and learn how ABMP also supports your students and instructors.

> ABMP's Annual School Issues Forum
ABMP's Annual School Issues Forum is designed specifically for massage school owners, administrators, and instructors providing an opportunity to network, educate, learn, inspire, and talk shop with peers about current massage school issues. Stay tuned for information about the upcoming ABMP School Issues Forum in Annapolis, MD April 11-13, 2013 or read reports and download handouts from past School Issues Forum events. 

> Webinars for Schools
Webinars are web-based seminars that allow people to learn about a topic from the convenience of their own computer. Download supporting materials from previous webinars and find out about upcoming webinars from this section.

> Resources
School operations resources including information about recruiting students, financial aid, curriculum, accreditation, strategic planning, and ABMP surveys of interest to schools is provided in this section.

> Publications
ABMP offers a variety of publications from newsletters to our flagship magazine Massage & Bodywork. Learn more about how to obtain and utilize these resources.

> ABMP Business Resources
ABMP has worked hard to develop web-based business tools for members. School owners, administrators, instructors, and students find that these resources enhance school operations and the learning environment in a variety of ways. Learn about how these tools can enhance your admissions and enrollment process, increase communication in the education department, drive clients to your student clinic, build student business skills, and more. Please note that you will not be able to access these tools if you are not a member of ABMP (become a member now). To learn more about resources that can benefit your school, administrators, instructors, or students, contact your school liaison.