Mandatory Massage Therapy Practice Act Introduced in Indiana

Introduced on January 4, 2012, Senate Bill 10 would require a license to practice massage therapy in Indiana. Currently, although Indiana’s certification system provides that only certified massage therapists may use the phrase “massage therapy” to advertise or market the services they provide, certification is not required to practice massage therapy. If SB 10 passes, only licensed massage therapists would be allowed to practice massage therapy.

The bill provides that anyone who is already certified as a massage therapist will automatically be considered a licensed massage therapist on the effective date of the bill. For those not certified prior to the effective date of the bill, the requirements for licensure will be the same as for certification, which are as follows:

  • 18 years or older
  • Have a high school diploma or the equivalent of a high school diploma
  • Has successfully completed a massage therapy program from an approved school with at least 500 hours
  • Has passed either MBLEx or a national certification exam
  • Has a satisfactory criminal history background check

In addition to making licensure mandatory to practice massage therapy, SB 10 would preempt existing local government massage therapy licensing ordinances, as well as prohibit the passage of new ones. The bill would also clarify that it does not apply to health care providers who are licensed under other provisions.  

SB 10 was assigned to the Committee on Health and Provider Services and has not yet been calendared for a hearing.  ABMP supports SB 10 and will keep our members posted as to its progress through the General Assembly.