Webinar: A Website That Works

Allissa Haines, Michael Reynolds

This course has closed captioning. Click "cc" on the video player to view.

A great website can be a practitioner’s most powerful tool for recruiting new clients. It’s also a little bit of a mystery if you’re not familiar with basic internet marketing. If you’ve ever wondered, "Is there something missing from my website costing me potential clients?" or “Why do I keep getting clients who aren’t right for me?” you’re not alone. Join Allissa and Michael of Massage Business Blueprint as they help you understand the basics of what makes a website work. Even better, they’ve chosen a few of YOUR websites to review. They’ll share what’s looking great, point out what can be improved, and provide clear advice on how to improve it. Make sure your website is a website that works!

This course was featured during the April 2021 ABMP CE Socials event sponsored by Lokalyst!


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