Webinar: The Massage Therapy Foundation: The Role of Research Literacy

Ruth Werner

A massage therapist's ability to reach out to other health-care providers in universally understood and respected language is dependent on research literacy: the ability to read, interpret, and evaluate research. Research literacy can also impact how and where a massage therapist practices. Join Ruth Werner and Diana Thompson for a discussion on the importance of incorporating research results into your massage therapy program.

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Ruth Werner

Ruth Werner is an award-winning educator, writer, and retired massage therapist with a passionate interest in massage therapy research and the role of bodywork for people who struggle with health. Her groundbreaking textbook, A Massage Therapist's Guide to Pathology was first published in 1998, and is now in its 7th edition, published by Books of Discovery. Werner is a columnist for Massage and Bodywork magazine and Massage New Zealand.  She teaches continuing education workshops all over the world and hosts the “I Have a Client Who …” podcast on the ABMP Podcast Network. Learn more at www.ruthwerner.com and on Facebook and Twitter @RWpathqueen. Learn more from Ruth Werner through ABMP's Pocket Pathology quick-reference app with key information on nearly 200 common pathologies!

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