Video Course: Centering Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity in Our Practices

Shana Chivon

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Centering communities of color and socially marginalized groups in our work creates diverse and inclusive spaces for radical wellness. Join Shana Chivon as she shares how to incorporate and prioritize diversity, inclusion, and equity in your practice to ensure that all communities are able to benefit from your work. This cultural competency course shares strategies to address inequalities that impact representation and relationships in the wellness industry. 

This ethics course was featured during the May 2021 ABMP CE Socials event!

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Course Outline
Learning Objectives
Shana Chivon

Shana Chivon is a multi-passionate change agent who carries a mandate for liberation, a heart for progress, and a desire to disrupt the status quo. While navigating her own journey, Shana discovered a calling and passion for ensuring that the socially excluded, oppressed, and marginalized have equitable access to wellness, wholeness, and healing. As a Usui Reiki Master, a highly sought-after speaker, a racial justice educator, and a licensed minister, Shana recognizes that healing is not a linear journey and often requires a more intuitive and personalized approach. She strives to cultivate engaging environments for people to grow and thrive by going beyond love and light toward radical liberation, radical rest, radical joy, and radical wellness through education, collective care practices, and healing modalities. 

Topics and Techniques