Nebraska Decreases Continuing Education Requirements

The Nebraska Administrative Code was updated and continuing education hours were amended. Previously, Nebraska massage therapists had to complete 24 hours of CE. The new rule only requires 16 hours of CE and is effective June 7, 2021.

GSN Planet Appoints New Board Members

GSN Planet (GSN) announced recent board appointments to the Board of Directors who are dedicated to leading the spa and wellness industry’s growth in the new green economy, helping to incorporate sustainable and regenerative business practices for the betterment of the planet.

Mississippi Proposes New Massage Therapy Rules

House Bill No. 1263 passed this legislative session, and the included provisions require an amendment to the Mississippi State Board of Massage Therapy Rules and Regulations. You can submit commentary to the Mississippi State Board of Massage Therapy showing your support or opposition to the proposed rules no later than August 11, 2021.

Icing Muscle Injuries May Delay Recovery

Icing is one of the most common treatments for acute muscle injuries. However, previous studies on rodents have demonstrated detrimental effects of icing on muscle regeneration following injury.

Washington Issues a New COVID-19 Guidance Document

The Washington State Department of Labor & Industries issued new guidance addressing how to verify employee vaccination status, how to protect unvaccinated staff, and when employees need to wear masks. Per the new guidance, individuals who work in the health-care industry, such as massage therapists, must continue to wear a mask while at work.

New Massage Therapy Management Requirements in Connecticut

House Bill No. 6666 passed this legislative session and requires every business that employs a massage therapist to be under the management of a licensed massage therapist, hairdresser, cosmetician, esthetician, eyelash technician, or nail technician.