ABMP Head & Neck Summit is Live

The ABMP Head & Neck Summit is live and online as of Monday, September 12, at 8:00 a.m. ET. More than 16,000 massage therapists and bodyworkers have signed up, and registration is still open at www.abmpsummit.com.

Replays will be available in the ABMP Education Center at www.abmp.com/ce. ABMP members will have permanent on-demand access to the replays and corresponding CE hours, while nonmembers can sign up for complementary access through Monday, September 19.

The full ABMP Head & Neck Summit schedule is:

“Deconstruct Your Headache Pain” with Dr. Ben Benjamin (10:00 a.m. ET). There are more than 220 reasons you could have a headache. Spend an hour with Dr. Ben Benjamin and discover how to figure that out. It could be a serious disease, a soft-tissue injury, too much football, blocked energy, or a stressful life your body can’t handle. Figuring it out isn’t that difficult—if you know how to do it.

“The Big Three: Addressing the Major Muscles Restricting Cervical Rotation” with Douglas Nelson (11:30 a.m. ET). There are three major muscles that play the biggest role in limiting the client’s range of motion. After exploring the anatomical and functional aspects of these three muscles, you will learn about multiple treatment options with in-depth, hands-on demonstration, so you can have a positive impact on one of the most common cervical complaints.

“Somatic Dysfunction as a Contributing Factor in Head and Neck Pain” with Clint Chandler (1:00 p.m. ET). We’ll guide you through an anatomical review to set the stage for learning specific palpation techniques that isolate bony landmarks, joints, and soft tissues associated with the head and neck. Then, you’ll discover how to assess the physical characteristics of these tissues and identify the greatest point of dysfunction. Lastly, you’ll get an introduction to Passive Positional Release, a noninvasive technique to resolve and restore normal function.

“East Meets West Face Massage” with Heath and Nicole Reed (2:30 p.m. ET). Rejuvenate the skin, clear congestion, and calm the mind with the unique synergy of East Meets West Face Massage. Experience Chi Self Massage for personal self-care, as well as a lovely marriage of ayurvedic, Thai, cranial sacral, Chinese, and Japanese therapeutic approaches to face and scalp massage. Reveal the energetic pathways, acupoints, and marmas that unlock restrictions and soothe the entire body-mind.

“The Deep Posterior Neck: Myofascial Techniques” with Til Luchau (4:00 p.m. ET). Join popular presenter Til Luchau as he demonstrates several effective hands-on myofascial techniques for the cervical facet joints, transversospinalis, suboccipitals, nuchal ligament, and other key structures of the deep neck.

“Demystifying Complex Neck Conditions” with Whitney Lowe (5:30 p.m. ET). Neck pain complaints can become complicated and chronic due to the biomechanical complexity of the neck and its kinetic chain. Understanding and being able to evaluate your client’s problem along with distinguishing between similarly presenting conditions is vital for effective treatment. Learn these important kinesiological/anatomical principles and assessment protocols and help get your clients out of pain.

“The 42 Pound Head: Fixing Funky Necks” with Erik Dalton (7:00 p.m. ET). The neck is burdened with the challenging task of supporting the head while at the same time allowing an incredible range of movement. Because of tension, trauma, and poor postural habits, it comes as no surprise that neck pain is the most common pain problem driving people into your practice, as clients show up in your office with degenerative joint disease, headaches, TMJ, and Dowager’s Hump. Join Erik Dalton in this fascinating presentation where you’ll learn how to move beyond treating the symptoms and instead stop the problem at its source.



Hi, can I get an instant replay on this for massage school class presentation on Tuesday 22nd?


Hi Angie, you can access the ABMP Head & Neck Summit replays any time by becoming an ABMP member. For more information on becoming an ABMP member and accessing our many member benefits, please visit ABMP.com or call us at 800-458-2267. We'd love to hear from you! 

—Tara, ABMP Social Media & Marketing Coordinator