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New CE Course: Massage & Bodywork Magazine July/August 2024

Massage and Bodywork Gold


The newest Massage & Bodywork magazine CE course “2024, Issue 4: Massage & Bodywork Magazine July/August 2024” is now available in the ABMP Education Center to read and earn 2.5 CE hours.

Course Description

Massage & Bodywork magazine is a thought leader in the field of massage therapy and is distributed broadly—both directly to members of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals and to the entire field through its free digital edition. With each issue, Massage & Bodywork readers are exposed to a variety of pertinent and timely information affecting not only their practice, but the profession as a whole. From specific hands-on techniques to recent research on touch therapies to practice- and business-building ideas, Massage & Bodywork offers readers vetted, informed material that ties directly back to a practitioner’s hands-on work. The ABMP Massage & Bodywork magazine CE courses allow learners to earn CE credit by reading the issue and passing an online quiz. 

In this issue, dive deep into fat tissue anatomy and its importance in the therapeutic work you do every day, learn how to take a movement-oriented approach to the sacroiliac joint, and discover why paying attention during your sessions is more important than you might think. Also in this issue: review modes of transmission for pathogens, explore working with the client’s forearms and ankles, manage soft-tissue disorders associated with valgus and varus alignments, understand the peritoneum and its role with core, and learn about medication patches and their implications in massage therapy.

The July/August 2024 issue of Massage & Bodywork magazine features contributions from various authors, including Laura Allen, Cal Cates, Rachelle Clauson, Erik Dalton, Allison Denney, Allissa Haines, Laura Puryear, Whitney Lowe, Kate Mackinnon, Douglas Nelson, Heath and Nicole Reed, Nicole Trombley, Ana Varona, Ruth Werner, and Cindy Williams.

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