New ABMP Member Benefit: ThriveHive Google Grader

ABMP members: Want 7 times more clicks on Google? Businesses with a complete Google listing versus an empty listing get 7 times more traffic. We know that managing your online presence can be time-consuming and confusing. That’s why ABMP has partnered with ThriveHive—an established Google Partner—to help you get more business through your Google listing. Grade your business now or continue reading to learn more. 


The ThriveHive Approach



ThriveHive Grader gives you an instant diagnostic assessment of your presence on Google and grades your business based on the following:

  • Accuracy of your online business listings
  • Strength of your business reputation
  • Quality of your customer outreach


Once we access your business ranking on Google, we'll guide you on what steps you can take next to improve your online presence—including Perch from ABMP, a free app that allows you to manage and maintain your online business from your phone.


A better online presence = more clients. Using the right blend of software, data, and people, we'll help you achieve extraordinary marketing results, find new clients, and build your business—so that you can keep doing what you love.

ThriveHive Grader provides an instant diagnostic assessment of your Google My Business profile for three key measures:

  1. Presence: The status of your business listings and overall completeness of listing data
  2. Reputation: The number of actual reviews, average star rating, and responsiveness of your business on both positive and negative reviews
  3. Outreach: The quantity, quality, and frequency of posts on your business listings


Its Coming getting ready to have the best year!

we try to follow the link to thrivehive, but our browser  (explorer/google) is saying, that thrivehive connection is not secure... protocol is not accepted... what can we do?