Artichoke Testimonials from ABMP Members

Artichoke brings together marketing, scheduling, payments, and automated client notifications into an all-in-one business application. See what these ABMP members had to say about Artichoke for their business!

“All of my clients love the convenience of the online booking. I love the simplicity of the program and the fact I can see all my financials because the program calculates my client payments, income, expenses, and tax reports for me. Artichoke saves me so much time and money therefore allowing me to focus on what I love, bodywork.”
—Elizabeth Smith
Artichoke Member Since: November 2017
Business Name: Relax Your Body Massage
Location: California, USA
Website Link:

“Artichoke is extremely easy for myself as the business owner and also from the client perspective. When asked the majority of clients stated it was very user friendly. From a business perspective, it has been extreme time saver for booking and keeping track of appointments.”
—Vicki Buelow
Artichoke Member Since: August 2017
Business Name: 3B’s Massage and Bodywork LLC
Website Link:

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