ABMP Partners with ThriveHive to Help Members Reach New Clients

Watch as Les Sweeney, president of ABMP, talks about the new ABMP partnership with ThriveHive and how it will help members reach new clients. ABMP members have free access to the ThriveHive Google Grader and Perch from ABMP app, each designed to guide and grow a small business’s online presence.

“We’re really excited about this new partnership we have with ThriveHive,” says Sweeney. “We’ve always heard from members, ‘How do I get to the top of a Google listing?’ and it’s great that we now have this resource that they can utilize to help them get higher on Google listings, which is obviously the #1 search engine in the world.”

ABMP is the only association in the country with access to the ThriveHive Google Grader tool, as well as a customized version of the Perch app, the perfect tool for managing a small business’s online activity.

“This will help, ultimately, our members get more clients on the table,” Sweeney says. “We’ve always focused on providing better resources for our members to help them become more successful in their practice, and partnering with ThriveHive to create this marketing roadmap, we think that the net result will be members seeing more clients on their table.”

ABMP members can access all of the new benefits, and immediately grade their Google My Business listing, at www.abmp.com/members/marketing-center/digital-marketing-hassle-free.

Not yet an ABMP member? Join today at abmp.com and immediately improve your Google presence!