ABMP Free Music Download Available to Certified Members

ABMP Certified members are eligible for free music downloads once per quarter courtesy of sighTUNES from At Peace Media. The current offering is Within a Dream by Chris Ho.

At Peace Media is proud to introduce The Chris Ho Project. Chris describes these new albums as a new direction that was forged by the simple idea of subtraction. For these new albums, the primary themes, or anthems, were omitted, leaving a smooth "bed" with more space and some secondary or "counter melodic" lines or fills.

Chris Ho combines talent as a composer and keyboardist in the creation of original relaxation music exclusively for At Peace Media. A prolific composer and virtuoso pianist, his performances display a devotion to beauty, passion, and imagination. Breathtaking improvisations and dynamic interplay are ever-present features of his work

ABMP Certified members can download the album on their member discount page.

Learn more about ABMP Certified membership at www.abmp.com/go/certifiedcentral.



Music download is not working. Initial Name/Email Address form states that I am already subscribed and stops the process there, stating that it is an ERROR message in the process.. I need this music! Please fix the error.

Ashley, please contact our membership team about this issue with your full name and member ID number so that we can resolve the issue. There are several ways to contact our membership team. You can click the live help option at the top of our website, or you can email expectmore@abmp.com, or give us a call at 800-458-2267. Thanks in advance.