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By Darren Buford
[Editor's Note]

When author and licensed massage therapist Kristin Coverly approached me with a topic for this issue’s cover story, I was a bit skeptical. The title of her article was “Hack My Massage.” My first thoughts were of infomercials promising to “hack your credit score in half,” or worse, someone referring to another as a “hack”—a person feigning expertise.
Fortunately, Kristin’s subtitle, “Pro Tips for Receiving Bodywork,” eased my mind. (This title also became the new title of her piece!) As a practitioner, Kristin believes there are some simple things we can do to increase the benefits of our bodywork sessions. Her “hacks” are ways to improve your experience as a client, allowing your therapist to increase their performance as well.
My own massage preparation usually consists of rushing to the therapist’s office and carrying the weight of the day with me. Kristin’s tips have provided me with a few things to think about pre-, during, and postsession to maximize my massage. I know her tip to “Chill Out” will be something I take full advantage of, as I strategize ways to let go of to-do lists, work projects, and outside drama in order to fully appreciate and experience my bodywork session.
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