Enjoy the Journey

By Darren Buford
[Editor's Note]

If you’ve never received a massage, or have had only minimal exposure to its many benefits, then we invite you to use this issue of Body Sense magazine as your personal entrée into the world of touch and bodywork. On pages 8–11 of this issue, you’ll find a flowchart and guide to use as starting points to getting either your first massage or trying a new technique. The 24 handpicked modalities are a window into our world and offer an example of the great breadth this field has to offer you for your wellness needs. And, while there are so many more modalities to delve into (more than 200 are listed on www.massagetherapy.com!), we hope this issue offers you a place to start (or continue) your bodywork journey. May it be an ongoing and never-ending quest toward good health.