EveryBody Deserves a Massage Week

July 12-18, 2015


Whether you’re a 20-year veteran therapist or a first-year practitioner, there is something inherently rewarding in sharing your work with others. Of course, the paying client is what helps put food on the table, but there is a beautiful synergy when you can offer therapeutic massage or bodywork free of charge to those who may never have had the opportunity to experience it before.
EveryBody Deserves a Massage Week (EBDMW) lets you do just that.
Who in your community could benefit from nurturing, therapeutic touch? Use this weeklong event to share your work with shelter residents, first responders, or crisis counselors. Offer chair massage to teachers or hospice caregivers. Or maybe reach out to a friend who needs some comforting, healing touch.
You can even tie in your philanthropic efforts with your practice-building pursuits. Offer free chair massage to nearby business owners as a stepping-stone for cross promotion. Hold a massage-a-thon that not only brings touch to those who need it, but lets you promote yourself to the community through local media. Donate a portion of your week’s massage earnings to your favorite charity—or better yet, let your clients help you choose the charity and let them be part of the process and promotion.
However you decide to celebrate EveryBody Deserves a Massage Week, we have the tools to guide you every step of the way. Go to www.abmp.com/massage-week to get started. There, you’ll find additional event ideas, client forms, a sample press release, and customizable marketing materials. Can’t print the materials? Call us at 877-208-7546 to order a sample packet of coupons, postcards, and posters you can take to a local printer.
Then, document your event with photos and share it with us (differentstrokes@abmp.com). We love hearing your stories and may include them in future publications.

How Do I Organize an EBDMW Event?

• Plan It—What do you want your event to be? What are you passionate about? Do you want to use your work to raise money for a cause? Have clients participate in a food drive? Donate your time to a sporting event? Lay hands on as many massage newcomers as you can?

• Prepare It—Do you need additional volunteers to help with your event? What marketing do you need to do (print your free materials at www.abmp.com/massage-week)? Do you need to get any permissions beforehand?

• Do It—Now, get busy. Promote your event, talk about
it on social media, encourage others to participate,
and enjoy the process! Let us know how it went