Your Peace of Mind

By Kathy Gruver

Clients must feel safe while under the professional care of massage therapists and bodyworkers. These professionals work hard to make sure this is the case
for everyone who comes to their tables, ensuring clients feel secure each time they book an appointment.

Phone Screening
It’s difficult to think of other legitimate professions where customers are not only naked, but paying to be touched! Within the realm of therapeutic touch, these conditions are the norm, but practitioners understand how that can feel uncomfortable for first-time clients. On the other side of the safety equation, many practitioners have had situations when a client tried to change the therapeutic nature of the session and take the work in a direction that was harmful to the therapist. That’s why practitioners are keen to protect both their clients and themselves.
For that reason, when you book a massage appointment with a therapist who is new to you, it’s normal for the therapist to ask you a few questions as a way to confirm that this is a legitimate appointment and to make sure the two of you are a good fit. Some typical questions might include:
• Were you referred to me? By whom?
• Are you redeeming a gift certificate?
• How did you hear about me?
• What are your goals for the session?
• Have you had a therapeutic massage before? Where? When?
• Are there any specific health concerns we’ll address?  
Outcall Screening
These additional questions may be asked if you are scheduling a massage to be performed in your home, hotel, or other location outside of the massage therapist’s own office.
• Will anyone else be at the location (caregiver, children, friend, husband, wife)?
• Are there any specific directions, admission into gated communities, stairs, elevators, or parking restrictions I should be aware of?

Ultimately, massage therapists want to guarantee a safe experience for everyone involved, and make sure you receive the right massage for you. Their care in ensuring that each client is legitimate is one extra precaution to guarantee your peace of mind.

Kathy Gruver, PhD, is the host of her own TV series, The Alternative Medicine Cabinet. She is an author, speaker, and practitioner with more than two decades of experience. For more information, visit