Bodywork for You

By Darren Buford
[Editor's Note]

Can you believe there are people wary of massage? So our mission in this issue is to educate newbies and take the fear out of having a massage. Believe it or not, 63 percent of adults in the United States have never had a massage. That seems almost inconceivable, doesn’t it? So, why aren’t people experiencing the relief that comes from frequent massage? As you can see from our online poll below, the idea of having to remove clothing is “probably” a deterrent—in fact, a full 65 percent say “there are some people who just aren’t comfortable with it” and “if people understand they can wear clothes, many more would try massage.”
Now, contrast that with the fact that when people do receive massage, 75 percent say they would rate their last session an 8, 9, or 10 out of 10. Clearly, while there may be a hurdle to getting on the massage table, once people are there, they truly embrace the power of massage.
Author Cindy Williams’s article “Which Bodywork Style Suits You?” alleviates some of the common questions newcomers have when thinking about receiving massage, including: “Do I have to remove my clothing?” “What if I just can’t relax?” “What if I don’t feel comfortable?” and “How will I know what kind of massage to get?” She expertly guides us through seven different types of massage, several of which are performed with the client clothed, and all of which will surely ease your aches and pains, provide valuable stress relief, or get you ready for that marathon you’re training for. Enjoy.