Recent News and Legislative Updates

Oregon Bill Regulating Bodywork and Increasing Entry Level Education Standards and Has Been Signed into Law

Oregon SB 298, discussed in our previous Legislative Update, was signed into law by Governor Brown on June 18, 2015, with certain important changes over the original version of the bill. 

In general, the new law regulates massage and bodywork practitioners in same manner as current law with a few changes; changes which should have little effect on current Oregon licensees. The new law goes into effect January 1, 2016.

Update on North Carolina Rule Proposals

In our March 2015 legislative update we discussed that the North Carolina Board of Massage and Bodywork Therapy (NCBMBT) had proposed rules to begin licensing massage establishments.  ABMP is opposed to regulatory boards attempting to regulate businesses since local jurisdictions usually regulate businesses already if they find a need to do so.

Vermont Sunrise Legislation

Vermont is one of five states in the US that currently does not have state licensing or other state regulation of massage therapists. There have been two bills introduced in the last two years that intended to regulate the profession; however, neither bill was written or endorsed by the massage community. The bills were written with the intent to curb human trafficking – not regulate a health profession.

ACTION ALERT: Submit Your Written Comments Concerning the Proposed Alaska State Massage Regulations by July 17, 2015

As we’ve previously informed our members, a state law was passed in August 2014 requiring that Alaska massage therapists must hold a state-issued massage license in order to practice.  Following the passage of the law, the next step in the process was for the Alaska Board of Massage Therapists (Board) to issue regulations filling in the details of the licensing requirements and procedures.