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EveryBody Deserves a Massage Week

EveryBody Deserves a Massage Week, July 12-18, 2015

Every year massage therapists and bodyworkers nationwide lend their hearts and hands to raise awareness of the benefits of massage, bodywork, and somatic therapies. The 2015 event will be held the week of July 12-18, and members are encouraged to start planning ahead for this wonderful event.

> What is EveryBody Deserves a Massage Week? (video)
> Why should ABMP Members Get Involved?
> How Can I Get Involved?
> Steps to Participation
> During the Event
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Why should ABMP Members Get Involved?

Participation Counts!
ABMP is proud to sponsor the award-winning national event, EveryBody Deserves a Massage Week, and looks forward to your participation. Since 1995, ABMP members have given their time, money, and effort to help those less fortunate, while also promoting themselves and the profession.

If every ABMP member donates just a few hours of time during this week, we can make a real difference in our communities.

Exposure. Successful business is based on filling a need and marketing that service. The success of your practice will be determined in part by the extent of your marketing efforts. Participation in community events is an excellent way to gain exposure for your services while also making important contacts in your area.

Satisfaction. There is no greater feeling of fulfillment than participating in an event that helps others. ABMP members have shown themselves over the years to be passionate about bringing better health and stress relief to consumers who may never have experienced a great massage.

Nearly every community has well-run charities, causes, and services that need all the fundraising help they can get. When caring members meet these needs, everybody wins.

Together, we can make a difference.

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How Can I Get Involved?

There are many ways to get involved. Some members will choose to donate or discount their massage services, while others choose to donate a portion of their earnings that week to charitable causes. Use your imagination to discover where you can do the most good.

Market Yourself and Your Practice
Here are a few marketing suggestions to promote the profession and your practice during this special event:

  • Ask clients to bring a can of food to each massage session for donation to a local charity.
  • Bring the message of massage to local health fairs.
  • Create specialty offers for health-care and hospice workers, students, police officers, firefighters, or teachers.
  • Donate a massage session to be auctioned for charity.
  • Offer on-site massage for employees at local businesses (examples: animal shelters, food banks, hospices, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.).
  • Offer free or discounted chair massages in public venues such as: parks, shopping malls, community events, and workplaces.
  • Offer free or discounted chair massages at community events such as: convention centers, cultural events, farmers markets, health and fitness clubs, holiday gatherings, etc.
  • Provide discounts to senior citizens.
  • Raise awareness for different modalities you practice. Give mini trial treatments or offer discounts for clients to try a new service on your menu.
  • Support the troops! Offer discounts to active duty and retired members of the military.
Many of these options provide excellent opportunities to promote discounts or first-time client offers.

Get Involved in the Community
Here are a few ideas for donating your time around the community.

Charity Support/Public Awareness
Look for events in your community. Street fairs and health-oriented events provide excellent opportunities to promote awareness of massage and bodywork. Offer your services free to local charities, donate proceeds, or give relief to caregivers.

Environmental Support
Show your concern for the environment. Work with local groups and parks to raise money for environmental causes. Donate a percentage of earnings and/or solicit donations from clients for worthy causes. Let your clients know about the green practices of your business.

Help for the Homebound
Volunteer your time or your services at senior centers, assisted-living facilities, nursing homes, and hospice organizations. Offer services to both the residents and their caregivers.

Massage for Shelters
Volunteer your time at women's and homeless shelters to show your support. Raise donations of toiletries, diapers, and nonperishable food from your clients.

Public Safety and Protection
Offer to perform seated, on-site massage for EMTs, firefighters, military, and police officers.

Sports Activities
Volunteer your services at bike races, charity walks, and marathons. Solicit donations for associations serving disabled athletes.

Stress Relief for Shoppers
Perform stress relief on those busy shoppers! Set up on-site massage in your local mall and donate proceeds to local missions. You could also collect toys and nonperishable food to donate to charitable causes.

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Everybody Deserves a Massage Week Coupon

Everybody Deserves a Massage Week Postcards

Everybody Deserves a Massage Week poster

Steps to Participation

Here are some ideas to help get you started with your event.

  1. Customize and print your EveryBody Deserves a Massage Week materials. ABMP makes it easy to customize coupons, postcards, and posters with your business contact information and your massage week special offers. You can adapt the coupons to use as gift certificates or discount vouchers. Postcards can be personalized to invite your clients to the event. Get started Here! If you do not have access to a printer, or would like to receive a blank copy of these materials by mail please call 877-208-7546.

  2. Rent a vinyl banner from ABMP. The full-color vinyl banner measures 6 feet by 3 feet. Banner rental requires a credit card deposit of $150; the charge is refunded when it is returned to us in good condition—a box and label are provided to you for easy re-mailing. Last year's banners generally cost less than $10 to send by return mail. We kindly ask that members do not use marker pens to personalize the banners, as the color will stain and ruin the banner. Other members have had success adding information to their banners with vinyl lettering and finger paints from craft stores. Your craft store may have other suggestions for products that can be completely removed from the banner after use. Permanently stained or otherwise damaged banners will result in the loss of your deposit. To proceed with the banner rental please call: 877-208-7546.

  3. Create a strategy for informing your local media about EveryBody Deserves a Massage Week. It's often helpful to work with the public relations representative at the charity you are supporting. You may be able to schedule an over-the-phone or in-person interview with newspapers, television, and radio outlets. Editors prefer emails, but you should make follow-up calls. Your local broadcast media may be interested in doing on-air programs—especially radio. It might be advantageous to work with fellowpractitioners, since a group may be more successful in being heard.

    View a sample press release to see how to reach out effectively to the media.

  4. Promote your participation online. This is a great way to raise awareness for the cause and to gain exposure for your practice.
    • Send out an email to inform clients about your participation in the event.
    • Update your website with information about EveryBody Deserves a Massage Week and how you plan to participate.
    • If you have a Facebook or Twitter account for your practice, make sure to post updates before, during, and after your participation to raise awareness for the cause and gain exposure for your practice.

  5. Coordinate local groups of ABMP members and assign responsibilities. All good projects need leaders. ABMP needs individuals willing to network with other therapists and lead efforts in their communities. Establish certain areas of responsibility that can be delegated to others, but have a key person to oversee the projects. If possible, one person should administer your local area's contribution to EveryBody Deserves a Massage Week.

  6. Pool your talents. Use your network with fellow practitioners to share costs in advertising. For example, five practitioners could jointly buy ad space in the local newspaper to promote EveryBody Deserves a Massage Week and offer a 20 percent discount to all first-time clients during the week. The benefit? Exposure for all participants, as well as a more unified public image to promote therapeutic massage. To find other ABMP members in your area, visit

  7. Network with your colleagues. To trade ideas and find other participating colleagues, log in to the member's page at, and click on "Network with Your Colleagues" under Account Tools and Information on the right side of the page. Here, you can read what others are doing or have done in the past and post your own comments or questions. Or, you can log in to, a social networking site for massage therapists created by ABMP, in order to discuss EveryBody Deserves a Massage Week 2015 with other participating therapists.
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During the Event

  • Promote your practice. Make sure to have lots of business cards on hand in order to potentially gain new clients. You can print client brochures in order to inform event attendees about the benefits of massage.

  • Promote ABMP. Be proud of your professional affiliation! ABMP is here to support you, and exposure for ABMP helps your practice, too. If you are participating in events that have printed programs or brochures, use your ABMP logos and downloadable client brochures to promote your professional excellence.

  • Document everything. We want to know about your good work! Write up a report detailing the event; the beneficiary; the size of the event; participation by massage, bodywork, and somatic therapies practitioners; money raised; and the response from the community. Email it to us at

  • Take pictures! We would love to have pictures of your community events featuring massage, bodywork, and somatic therapy practitioners. Pictures (space permitting) may appear in the Different Strokes newsletter. When possible, go for close-up color JPEGs with a resolution of 300 dpi that you can email to us at

  • Be aware of your limitations. Don't bite off more than you can chew; being an effective volunteer includes knowing how much is enough. Don't overextend yourself. Also, be aware of your liability as a volunteer. Don't work on pregnant women, infants, elderly, or emotionally challenged individuals without proper training.

It's never too soon to start planning for EveryBody Deserves a Massage Week!

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