Video Course: You Do Not Have to Be a "Guerilla" To Retail

Angie Patrick

Does the idea of retailing and the income it can represent appeal to you, but the thought of “selling” stops you in your tracks? Learn how to effectively retail product and merchandise that is beneficial to your client while never being pushy or over the top. Learn all the best and most effective low-pressure techniques in retailing to add black ink to your bottom line. Learn to merchandise your product assortment so that it appears noninvasive in your treatment room. Get pointers on great retail products that consistently sell providing alternate streams of income and positive cash flow. Learn how to provide these valuable products to your clients in a manner that reflects your core principles and values.

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Angie Patrick

Angie Patrick is the product and equipment expert for Massage Warehouse. As one of the last remaining legacy employees of the original Massage Warehouse, Patrick has worked in every field of massage product distribution, including product management, product development, in and outbound sales, marketing, catalog production, and more. Her experience with the world's largest massage product retailer provides her a uniquely qualified view of current market trends, fads, and newly emerging and mainstay products in the massage industry. Patrick is also the facilitator of the fundraiser for Massage Therapy Research, SANCTUARY. Learn more at

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