Webinar: Working with Inflammation

Til Luchau

Inflammation is involved in most musculoskeletal issues including joint pain, muscle soreness, many neuropathies, chronic pain, and more. But working with inflammation can be a real puzzle: sometimes hands-on work can clearly help; other times, massage or bodywork can worsen inflammatory reactions. Join Til Luchau as he helps clarify inflammation’s complexity and offers specific techniques, goals, and strategies for working with different types of inflammation. Topics include understanding inflammation’s progression and resolution; types of inflammation; and pain, the brain, and inflammation.

Before the webinar, click the “Handout” link to download the course outline and CALMS worksheet. Go to http://a-t.tv/abmp18i to subscribe and receive the free PDF of the webinar slideshow or get the optional ebook with additional resources (both from Advanced-Trainings.com).

Read Til’s accompanying Massage & Bodywork magazine article, “Understanding Inflammation’s Progression” in the November/December 2018 issue.

This webinar is 71 minutes in length (1 CE hour).

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