Video Course: Why Train in Pregnancy Massage?

Suzanne Yates

The body changes drastically in pregnancy, and it is important to understand the changes to know how best to massage the client. In this presentation, we’ll look at some key changes in pregnancy and how we need to work with these to offer effective care, including abdominal work.

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Suzanne Yates
Motivated by her first pregnancy, Suzanne Yates began to specialise in maternity care. She established Well Mother in 1990, teaching shiatsu, massage, and exercise to women and their partners in the UK. Following the success and demand for her work, in 1998 Yates developed courses for health professionals and she continues to teach internationally, regularly visiting North America, Australasia, and Europe. She has written three books: Shiatsu for Midwives, which has been translated into German, French, and Italian; Beautiful Birth; and her most recent book for therapists, Pregnancy and Childbirth: A Holistic Approach to Massage and Bodywork. Learn more at
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