Webinar: Why Clients Buy from You

Jessica Zike

How many clients do not return after their first massage and never tell you why? How many potential clients opt not to book because of frustrations when trying to make an appointment? How many clients walk through your doors feeling uninformed and anxious? This presentation will feature a discussion on market research on the expectations of spa clients, from the first call to the moment they exit the spa following the treatment. This presentation will address the elements that clients mention most often as enhancing or detracting from their massage experience. You will learn why clients choose one spa experience over another and various quality assurance tools that you can apply to track and positively infulance clients' experiences, including client surveys, individual supervision, group discussion and staff meetings, mystery shopping, and more. Jessica Zike will explain how to create a quality matrix that can be used to test spa staff members and provide objective criteria to aid in growth and improvement.

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