Video Course: What's the 'Rub' on ITB Friction Syndrome

Drew Freedman

Running injuries are the lifeblood of many massage practices. They are great for business, but we hate to see our clients in such pain. Recent scientific research reveals some new findings on the cause of ITB friction syndrome. How can you best help runners avoid or recover from these injuries when they occur? Join us for this presentation where you'll discover what is really happening in the knee and why most conventional approaches fail to succeed.

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Drew Freedman
Drew Freedman is the CEO and founder of Learn2Tape. He is a board certified massage therapist as well as a certified kinesiology taping specialist. He is a graduate of the University of South Florida's Sports Medicine program, where he also served as an athletic trainer and massage therapist to many professional and collegiate teams as well as Olympic athletes. He originally started using kinesiology tape in the early 2000s and eventually became a certified kinesio taping practitioner through the Kinesio Association in 2007. Learn more at .
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