Webinar: What Clients Never Tell You

Brian Halterman, Cindy Williams

Information from consumer reports and employer surveys can tell us a lot about what clients want and need from massage therapists. However, hearing feedback directly from clients gives us a new perspective. Brian Halterman and Cindy Williams share interesting consumer perspectives and interview clients to get the comments they don't share with their massage therapists. This session asks us to take a hard look at the environments we create for clients, our session plans, client education programs, and other methods we might use to enhance consumer views of massage therapy and improve the marketplace for ourselves and future generations of therapists. 

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Course Outline
Learning Objectives
Brian Halterman
Brian Halterman has been a massage therapist since 1992 and has served our profession in private practice, athletic clubs, chiropractic offices, as as the Education Program Coordinator for ABMP. Halterman's life before massage involved international travel with a Tibetan lama, service as a Buddhist monk, and a year-long solitary meditation retreat. For a little diversity, he has a bachelor's degree in food science and nutrition and a Kundalini yoga instructor certification.
Cindy Williams
Since 2000, Cindy Williams has served the profession as a practitioner, school administrator, instructor, curriculum developer, and mentor. She enjoys the challenge of blending structure with creative flow to provide balance in her classroom, her bodywork practice, and her life. She is also a columnist for Massage & Bodywork magazine. In her free time, she is committed to daily yoga and meditation practice, as well as enjoying the splendor of the outdoors.
Topics and Techniques