Video Course: Unlocking Computer Shoulder

Eric Stephenson

As therapists, we recognize the prevalence of postural distortion and pain patterns associated with computer use. Our practices are full of clients seeking relief from habitual job functions where computer use is required, coupled with hours of surfing the web. In this presentation, you will learn some techniques on unwinding the cumulative effects of elevated shoulders, kyphotic spinal curvature, medial rotation of the humerus, and forward-head posture.

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Course Outline
Learning Objectives
Eric Stephenson
Eric Stephenson is chief wellness officer for Elements Massage, one of the largest providers of massage therapy in the United States. Stephenson creates continuing education focused on career longevity for massage schools, spas, and professional organizations, and specializes in teaching deep-tissue massage that doesn't harm the therapist or the client. All of his workshops focus on saving your hands with his "No Thumbs!" approach and core body mechanics that help prolong your career. Over the course of his career, Stephenson has worked with some of the most respected names in the wellness industry throughout the United States, Canada, Asia, and the Caribbean. He currently sits on the board of directors for the International Spa Association. Learn more at
Topics and Techniques

"Great techniques from a great presenter. Used a couple of the techniques on a client already with great results."