Webinar: Transformational Touch

Don MacFarland

In this presentation, Don MacFarland explores the expanding importance of bodywork across the blossoming field of human potentiality and how a postural structure supports and actually creates a behavior. You will learn how touch can be used to change the effect our past perceptive experiences have on our physiology, chemistry, and behavior, and how bodywork is a natural and essential partner with any technique of therapeutic transformation.

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Course Outline
Learning Objectives
Don MacFarland
Don McFarland is the founder of Body Harmony, a procedural pathway that evolved over six decades of synergistic integration, spanning the full spectrum of the transformational arts. He was certified by Dr. Ida Rolf in structural integration, by Judith Aston as an Aston-Patterning Teacher, and by the state of California as a licensed doctor of chiropractic. McFarland maintains a practice in California while spending 6-8 months a year teaching internationally. Learn more at http://www.bodyharmony.org/.
Topics and Techniques