Video Course: Touch of Relief: Bringing Massage to the Disadvantaged

Jaime Bernardo

Working with trauma can be extremely rewarding and provide unique opportunities as well as challenges to your practice. Touch of Relief is a grassroots effort to bring the benefits of massage to those who have experienced trauma and who wouldn't normally have access, including wounded veterans and their families, domestic violence survivors and their children, and natural disaster victims. Learn ways to get involved in your community and create meaningful partnerships with nonprofit organizations and regional and national agencies.

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Learning Objectives
Jaime Bernardo
Jaime Bernardo is the executive director of Touch of Relief. Bernardo came into the holistic health-care field after 12 years as a teacher and program director for youth leadership training programs and 11 years in corporate sales, marketing, and management positions. In 2007 Bernardo became the Maryland state coordinator for Emergency Response Massage International (ERMI), an independent national disaster relief organization. Bernardo has led four deployments to the Gulf region for Katrina relief work. He also led a team of therapists who performed weekly services for injured veterans and their families. He continues to manage this program. Bernardo received a degree in business management from the University of Maryland.
Topics and Techniques