Webinar: Therapeutic Reflexology to Relieve Headache and Back Pain

Paula Stone

Pain is the number-one reason for seeking bodywork. At least 78 percent of the adult population will experience a tension headache at some point during their lives. Reflexology is clinically proven to relieve pain, including the nagging pain headaches cause. Learn how reflexology provides quick, precise, detailed assessments to identify causes of pain in the head, neck, shoulders, and back. View and learn reflexology techniques to ease discomfort and pain, either alone or along with massage.

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Paula Stone
Paula Stone is board certified in massage therapy and reflexology, and an accredited reflexology instructor with The American Commission for Accreditation of Reflexology Education and Training. Author of the Therapeutic Reflexology: A Step-by-Step Guide to Professional Competence textbook, DVD, and online resources, Stone writes, speaks, and teaches on clinical reflexology applications for reflexologists and the integration of reflexive therapies with massage and other forms of bodywork. Stone's articles have appeared in print and digital editions of Massage & Bodywork. Learn more at http://www.thestoneinstitute.org/.
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