Video Course: Thai Yoga Massage and Fearless Draping

Heath & Nicole Reed

Thai Yoga Massage is a fresh approach to bodywork that ushers the body through a variety of movements designed to maximize flexibility, spaciousness, and relief. Experience the marriage of Yoga Therapy and Thai Massage as you gracefully integrate "fearless draping", stretching, and bodywork with Yoga Massage. Demonstrations include working with clients in the prone and supine positions. This work is mutually beneficial for therapists' bodies as it emphasizes easeful ergonomics, moving from the center, and promotes alignment in your body and your client's body. Evolve beyond the conventional 2-dimensional bodywork context as you explore 3-D range of motion and stretching.

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Heath & Nicole Reed

Heath and Nicole Reed love to integrate ancient healing practices to balance modern-day stress and continue to evolve their own healing practice with a special focus on expanding consciousness. Join an always lively and fun conversation with Heath and Nicole, owners of Living Metta, and amplify your body intelligence with gentle, yet empowering results-driven techniques. Learn more at

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