Webinar: Thai Stem Massage

Lily Ofir

Thai stem herbal massage is a treatment that incorporates Thai herbal compresses with elements of Swedish relaxation massage, lomi lomi, and Thai massage. With this modality, the client benefits from deep, penetrating, moist heat and the natural oils of the herbs. In this special video presentation, you'll see a complete demonstration of this unique technique, which can be done as a standalone treatment or incorporated into your massage or other spa services. It's an intensive, relaxing, and detoxifying treatment that's easy to perform and will enhance your clients’ experience.

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Lily Ofir
Lily Ofir is a certified practitioner with 18 years of International experience in the health and wellness industry. Ofir's love for travel and adventure has exposed her to unique massage techniques around the world. Her primary aim is to source treatment concepts using natural ingredients with minimal preservatives and optimal therapeutic benefits. In addition to her role as the spa director at Relaxus Products, Ltd, Ofir teaches regular classes in Thai stem massage, hot stone massage, and other unique modalities. She is also a fitness instructor and yoga enthusiast and regularly teaches various fitness classes. Learn more at http://www.relaxus.com.
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