Webinar: Tellington Touch a Special Approach to Animal Care

Linda Tellington-Jones

Linda Tellington-Jones, PhD, demonstrates basic Tellington Touch that affects the behavior of dogs and cats. Common dog issues such as timidity, hyperactivity, aging, resistence to touch and grooming, and fear of loud noises and thunder will be addressed. Touch on specific areas such as mouth, ears, tail, and paws will be demonstrated, along with an explanation of how these affect the body at a cellular level and promote physical and emotional well-being. Linda Tellington-Jones will also show touch that changes the behavior in cats who bite, are feral, are afraid of strangers, or are unwilling lap cats.

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Linda Tellington-Jones
Linda Tellington-Jones's approach to working with animals has brought her worldwide recognition. She is the founder and president of Tellington TTouch Training with certified TTouch practitioners for horses, companion animals, and humans in 27 countries. Since the 1980s, she has been a presenter at veterinary conferences in the US and Germany and taught Tellington TTouch at veterinary schools at the Universities of California, Minnesota, Zurich, Vienna, Hannover, and Isreal. She has been a key presenter at more than 50 equine expos in the US and Europe since 1975. She is the author of 17 books in 13 languages. In 2007, she was awarded an honorary PhD from Wisdom University. Learn more at http://www.ttouch.com.
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