Video Course: Techno Age Self-Care for You and Your Clients

Marla Gold

Our bodies are designed to move. Unfortunately, in this age of technology, we’re sedentary for most of our day, sitting in front of a TV or monitor, driving our vehicles, or constantly staring down at our handheld devices. Our bodies are incredibly inefficient at maintaining these static positions and our muscles are forced to work in ways they were never meant to. As a result, neck and back pain are pandemic. In this class, you'll discover the importance of movement for self-care and learn effective exercises to increase your clients' body awareness and turn their "achy and tired" into "pain-free and energized."

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Marla Gold
Marla Gold is a holistic practitioner and movement educator with over 15 years of training and experience in stress-relieving acupressure techniques, relaxation massage- and wellness programs. Her unique approach to wellness combines knowledge from traditional healing methods with modern insights to offer results-orientated educational workshops, movement classes, and healing therapies for individuals and groups. Gold teaches you to be aware of those everyday habits that cause pain in your body and gives you practical tools to change them. You feel immediate results: less pain and tension, more ease and energy. Learn more at
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