Video Course: Teaching Body Mechanics

Mary Ann Foster

We will explore three aspects of body mechanics instruction: the educational process involved in teaching motor skills, the biomechanical concepts underlying effective body mechanics, and learning activities that instructors can use in stand-alone body mechanics classes or integrate into technique classes.

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Learning Objectives
Mary Ann Foster

Mary Ann Foster is a massage therapist and educator who has worked in the Denver/Boulder area since 1981. She specializes in movement instruction for health-care professionals, with an emphasis on postural muscle training, body mechanics and self-care, and client education. Mary Ann credits her longevity to stellar body mechanics and loves sharing her approach with massage therapists and bodyworkers who want to incorporate movement education into their massage practices. She co-authored the Talk about Touch column for Massage & Bodywork magazine and is the author of Somatic Patterning and Therapeutic Kinesiology.  Learn more about Mary Ann's work at

Topics and Techniques