Video Course: Structural Dynamics of Upper-Back Pain

Ann and Lynn Teachworth

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Rethink your treatment strategies for the common client complaints of upper-back pain, achy rhomboids, and tight trapezii. Gain an understanding of the anatomy, functional biomechanics, and structural dynamics of the chest, abdominals, and thoracic spine that lead to chronic pain in the upper back. Then, learn embodiment practices and hands-on techniques to effectively resolve clients' pain and restore function. Understanding the cause of this pain and tension pattern gives practitioners the tools to help their clients resolve this issue rather than just providing temporary relief.

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Course Outline
  • Structural dynamics
  • Structure: Concepts of structural integration
  • Function: Functional concepts and stretches
  • Embodiment
  • Anatomy
  • First rib: Anatomy and hands-on techniques
  • Mesentery: Anatomy, embodiment, and hands-on techniques
  • Pectoralis major and minor: Anatomy, embodiment, and hands-on techniques
  • Serratus anterior: Hands-on techniques
Learning Objectives

Having completed this online course video, the learner will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the functional relationship between muscle tension and pain in the upper-back and neck and the anterior muscles of the chest and abdominals. They will also be able to demonstrate an understanding of treatment strategies to address upper-back pain and stiffness.

Ann and Lynn Teachworth

Ann and Lynn Teachworth of Trunamics integrate structural, functional, and energetic concepts to help good therapists be great. Ann Teachworth has been working in integrative health and movement for 15 years. She is director of education at Inspirit School of Healing Arts. Her education for manual therapists and yoga teachers has an emphasis on embodied functional anatomy, kinesiology, and body-mind training. She integrates manual therapy, energetic modalities, the Franklin Method, yoga, breathwork, meditation, and mindfulness to help people understand and experience their design and function more fully. Lynn Teachworth has been a licensed massage therapist for over 25 years, and he specializes in pain, sports injuries, and sports performance. One of only a few therapists in the world with advanced training in structural bodywork, biomechanics, movement, and energy medicine, Lynn is able to address a wide variety of acute and chronic injuries. Learn more at

Topics and Techniques

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A: After you complete the webinar video, a quiz will appear on the page. Earn a CE certificate by scoring 70% or higher on the course quiz.

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"Excellent and fun course! Well organized, clear and informative instruction, and provided relevant and useful content. Thank you!"

"I love the advanced perspective of fascial relationships in the body and how they can affect function, mobility, and pain conditions."

"This was great!  I loved the images that were shown and then taking us to an actual body. I also loved the movement exercises to feel the muscle pop and the difference small movements can make."

"I think this may have been the best course I have taken in my 20 years of being an LMT. I feel like this is not only a game changer for my practice,  but also the chronic pain I experience in my own body.  Thank you both for this excellent class!"