Webinar: Self-Care for Therapists: Keeping Your Neck Happy

Kathleen Gramzay

This self-care class looks beyond body mechanics to the body’s design for movement to clear pain and tension patterns in your body. Come discover how you can apply simple movement and mindful touch to clear the kinetic chain often involved in a common area of pain and restrictions for manual therapists: the neck. Take away specific techniques to use between client appointments to reset your muscular tension and balance, as well as to share with clients for home use.

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Kathleen Gramzay
Kathleen Gramzay, BCTMB, is the owner of Knead for Balance in Scottsdale, Arizona. Gramzay has been practicing as a massage therapist for over 13 years. She is the developer of Kinessage Massage Through Movement and Kinessage Self Care for Therapists. She teaches to manual therapists and laypeople around the country and writes for industry publications and her blog, The Art of Well-Being. Gramzay is also an Oakworks educator. More information can be found at www.kinessage.com. Learn more at http://www.kathleengramzay.com.
Topics and Techniques