Video Course: Responding Professionally to Clinical Conflict and Ethical Dilemmas

Pamela Fitch

Treatment room conflict can easily erode trust and destroy the therapeutic relationships. Ethical dilemmas lie at the heart of therapeutic conflict and represent some of the most challenging aspects of clinical care. This ethics course explores common causes for treatment room conflict and provides a reflective framework for solving ethical dilemmas that can be a potential source of harm for both therapists and clients. Discover how your responses as a therapist can make bad situations worse for clients and learn about your role in creating an environment for positive communication.

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Pamela Fitch
Over the past 20 years, Pamela Fitch has become a passionate advocate for massage therapy both nationally and internationally. Her text, Talking Body Listening Hands, was released in 2014 and represents a lifetime of writing, mentoring, and consulting work on the topic of client-centered care and professional practice issues. Fitch has taught across Canada and the US, and in Hong Kong. Her workshops explore ethical challenges and the intricacies of massage therapeutic relationships, and reveal how massage therapy may contribute to healing from trauma. Learn more at
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