Video Course: Research Rocks

Angela Palmier

Do you think scientific research is boring or incomprehensible? Does the thought of reading, hearing, or learning about research make you want to run the other way? Well, this class is for you! There is an explosion of research into massage therapy and exciting findings are being announced all the time. This accessible and stimulating class will demystify scientific massage research and reveal how “doing a little research” will improve your therapeutic effectiveness and success with your clients. Find out what research can do for you and how to get the answers you want.

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Learning Objectives
Angela Palmier
Angela Palmier is an internationally recognized educator, speaker, and consultant in the massage therapy profession. She is dedicated to understanding people, the issues that they face professionally, and the solutions they need to ensure success. Palmier focuses on leadership development and generational impact on learning and communication. She provides her audience with relevant solutions for today, and the tools needed to develop and maintain relevancy for tomorrow.
Topics and Techniques