Webinar: Reinventing the Lecture: Part 3

Anne Williams

Lectures get a bad rap because they are often poorly constructed with little interaction between the presenter and students. When lectures are designed well, teach the right content at the right level, and include activities that keep learners involved they remain the most efficient and effective way to teach terms and concepts. This three-part series deconstructs and then reconstructs lectures to ensure learners stay engaged while learning important content. 

In Part Three:
• Explore methods for anchoring learning at the end of lectures.
• Turn a dull content review into interactive opportunities to deepen knowledge and learning.
• Direct learners' next steps for application of lecture content in real-world situations.
• Provide emotionally satisfying closure for lectures.
• Discuss effective lecture handouts and student note-taking.
• Apply basic design principles to get learners' attention with lecture slides.

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