Webinar: Reinventing the Lecture: Part 2

Anne Williams

Lectures get a bad rap because they are often poorly constructed with little interaction between the presenter and students. When lectures are designed well, teach the right content at the right level, and include activities that keep learners involved they remain the most efficient and effective way to teach terms and concepts. This three-part series deconstructs and then reconstructs lectures to ensure learners stay engaged while learning important content. 

In Part Two:
• Explore conceptual understanding and determine content that is nice-to-know, basic knowledge, must-know, or advanced knowledge.
• Identify the components of a construct (memory representation) and relate these components to levels of conceptual understanding.
• Explore the pitfalls of faulty constructs and explain their impact on future learning.
• Outline the components of a lecture formula and use it to organize lecture content.
• Personalize lecture content with well-designed response moments.
• Use research-proven methods to teach terminology explicitly and systematically.
• Categorize data points and differentiate them properly on lecture slides.

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