Video Course: Refine Your Touch

Art Riggs

Art Riggs shares the necessary skills to communicate with clients about their comfort levels and pain thresholds, understand the psychological and emotional components that may be influencing your clients' actual perceptions of intense work and their trust in your work, refine your ability to monitor clients' reactions to your work, and apply specific techniques to soften your touch and work more powerfully and effectively.

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Art Riggs

Art Riggs is a Certified Advanced Rolfer and massage therapist who has been teaching bodywork since 1988 and now sells myofascial release videos and manuals worldwide. He has conducted numerous workshops for health spas and medical professionals, including physical therapists, and has assisted in Rolf Institute trainings. His certifications include Rolf training in Munich, Germany, as well as advanced Rolf training, anatomy dissection, and craniosacral therapy. In addition to his publication of Deep Tissue Massage: A Visual Guide to Techniques and its corresponding "Deep Tissue Massage & Myofascial Release" video, Art has written numerous articles for massage publications and contributed a chapter to the Modalities for Massage and Bodywork textbook. Art is also a proud recipient of the 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award from the World Massage Conference.  Visit his website at

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