Video Course: Precision Neuromuscular Therapy 4: Lower Extremity

Doug Nelson

Douglas Nelson of NMT Midwest assesses the muscles of the hip, looking closely at muscular issues as well as the effect of hip pathology on joint function. He covers conditions such as piriformis syndrome, knee pain, hamstring strains, plantar fasciitis, and other common lower extremity pain patterns.

Please note: we experienced some audio technical difficulties during the recording of this course and you may hear periodic background noise from a second microphone. 

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Doug Nelson

Doug Nelson, BCMTB began his career in massage therapy in 1977.  His particular interest has been the role of soft tissue in performance, serving as a neuromuscular consultant to teams in the NBA and NFL, in addition to dance companies and high level musicians. He sees over 1,200 clients annually, is the owner of BodyWork Associates (a 22-therapist massage therapy clinic in Champaign, IL), the author of three books, and a columnist for Massage & Bodywork magazine. He is the founder of NMT MidWest, Inc., providing training in Precision Neuromuscular Therapy across the US. Learn more at

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