Video Course: The Power of Relaxation Massage

Eli Bay

The massage industry, in an effort to separate itself from associations with the sex trade, has become increasingly focused on aligning more strongly with a medical model. However, surveys and clinical experience show that most people still get massage primarily for relaxation. In this presentation, you’ll learn about the importance of relaxation massage for your clients. We’ll delve into the science of relaxation and find out from research the exact elements that make a massage extremely relaxing. The findings may surprise you.

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Eli Bay
Eli Bay is recognized as a leading authority on stress control. Bay delivers his practical skill trainings and workshops in some of the world's largest and most discerning corporations, governments, hospitals, and professional associations. Bay's practical approach is viewed as one of the most effective and accessible programs in the growing stress control field. The Globe and Mail newspaper refers to him as "Canada's Stress Guru." Bay explains the importance of releasing stress as a proven way to enhance mental and physical health and well-being and build resilience to pressure and strain, and emphasizes the importance of controlled breathing to manage body-mind states. Learn more at
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